Yes! We need 1,000,000 users! Facebook scams :/

What the hell is wrong with all people joining idiotic groups on Social Networking sites. May I remind:

- Snowball effect official experiment (168 groups only on Facebook) - one has 2 million users
- Get X users for a dislike button (over 500 groups)
- Get Farmville money, dogs and other freaky flash-animated creatures (WTF?)

and so on.

Well not only you don't actually get anything but you also give. Give a lot. Like your birth date. And your pictures. And your location. And don't forget about your age or education. And more important phone number, e-mail address etc.

What's that for? Well marketing usually works by pushing products to targeted groups of people. So of course I won't sell football shirts to old ladies. Facebook will give me millions of teenage boys that like football for free to try to sell to them. Just ask them to join in a group where you can get farmville money. They'll buy your shirts too afterwards.

Yes - this is wrong. It's almost the same as social engineering. Done in a more fancy, so called legal way.

I also would like to remind the parents that at 10 years old their child should be outside playing Hide and Seek not on facebook.

I'm thinking of building a new website where you can put all your info for spammers and marketing hyenas. Wouldn't that be easier for you? Not needing to sing in, click I accept on different stuff and so on..

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