Switching PPTP (MS-compatible) to Linux

Yes, there is always the open source way. Even for Microsoft CHAP or any MS PPTP arguments. It's called PopTop (and you can find it here).

And yes, it's got rpm files if you are to lazy to compile it.

The pptpd service will need some arguments in a conf file (like local IP, remote IP range that can be allocated, etc) and some options in a different file (usually /etc/ppp/options.pptpd) - allowed authentication types and so on.

There are plenty of tutorials in how to do it; it's open source so of course there are also tricky parts.

You need to edit

/etc/pptpd.conf - specify servername, local ip range, remote ip range, options file
/etc/ppp/options.pptpd (default) - authentication types, other control options like timeout and so on
/etc/ppp/-secrets (like chap-secrets): username, password, local servername, remote ip address

You can start pptpd as a daemon or you can start it with
#]pptpd -f

for first-run troubleshooting

That will output anything is junk in configuration files

It also dumps logs in /var/log/messages

Also you need to permit protocol 47 (GRE) and port 1723 (pptp) in/out and to do some kind of forwarding between networks if needed (in chain FORWARD and sysctl).

Some resources I found useful:
and of course on official website.

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