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I've just downgraded my Office from 2007 to 2003. Why? Well Office 2007 completely crashed - reinstall doesn't work. Microsoft shit :|

I miss some features, but the worst is that I couldn't save files directly as PDF; this feature is not available in MS Office 2003. So I searched for an application that should have the following attributes:
- no spyware
- PDF converstion really works
- no ads, no online usage etc
- works with Office 2003

I found one that is tiny and neat; installs itself as a printer driver (so it will be available in the print menu of any application); you just print it to PDF.

It's called err.. doPDF and it reached version 7.1 so it's not pre-alpha useless crap. Works only on MS Windows for now. So no Linux Open Office or MS Office for MAC OS.

You can find the application on their website,

Enjoy it while it's free.

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