Mobile Security.. for free

I've been searching for a free antivirus for my Windows Mobile 6.5 phone and came out with Flexilis or Lookout as it's called by the new name.

Shortly, Lookout is offering free of charge and advertising (somehow suspicious :) ):

- mobile Antivirus&Anti-malware
- mobile Intrusion Prevention System with Firewall
- remote backup of anything like contacts, SMS, pictures, etc - 1.5GB free
- mobile anti-theft with
- location services using Google Maps (tested - working great on my Omnia2),
- remote triggering of a siren to find your phone
- remote nuking all your data to ensure the thief doesn't find the naked pictures of your gf; don't worry you still have the backups in placed

- and yes, AV and firewall work with real-time protection and yes you can schedule anything
- oh. and yes you can limit it's connectivity for scheduled backups and so on to Wi-Fi only to keep your bills at a low-profile

It supports Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS, and Blackberry.

Bottom line you can get everything in a tiny clean application with a very web 2.0 like management interface from their website, with one account and a very low fingerprint on your device's resources.

It's a great work - hopefully it won't start to charge people soon.

You can find out more on their website - feature section by clicking here.



  1. randon stuff..
    stuff i've been into ..
    ;)) what will be next ?
    Usefull stuff anyway :)

  2. cred ca ar trebui sa scrii mai des, ce spui ?

  3. @eliza - pe masura ce pot, scriu :)

  4. @anonymous - i don't know, any suggestions o_O?