Alternative to Chrome

I got very used to Google Chrome so I started looking for an alternative that doesn't deliver everything I do to Google. It's not about being paranoia, it's more about the lack of privacy Google Chrome can get you (with unique identifiable Client ID, suggestions that deliver typed characters in address bar to Google and so on).

Another thing is that as far as I remember last time I looked Google Chrome normal install wouldn't accept extensions (addons). Just the beta labs one which might confuse regular users.

So we've got good luck because Google Chrome is based on open-source software which led some guys in Germany (called SRWare, credits go to their good work) to develop a paralel, non Google-based version of the same browser. Basically it's the same, but you get privacy and extensions from the start. Nice work.

SRWare Iron Browser can be found on their website. Also a nice reading is the table of comparison between Iron and Chrome they provide on their website, found here.

Enjoy private fast Web 2.0 browsing :)

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